The First Presbyterian Church of West Unity was established in June, 1849 and is a member of Maumee Valley Presbytery. The first congregation consisted of 15 members. For the next twelve years the Presbyterian Church shared a building and pastor with the Methodist Church. In June, 1861 Rev. J. P. Stockton came to our church as a traveling minister. Rev. Stockton also served as a Chaplain in the Civil War. In June, 1891 a committee was formed to solicit funds for a new church building. The new church building was completed in 1892. Rev. Stockton served this church for 50 years as pastor and 12 years as pastor emeritus.

In 1940 four Presbyterian Churches were united, West Bethesda, West Eagle Creek, Kunkle, and West Unity into a Larger Parish known as the Williams County Larger Parish. This continued until 1953 when the Parish was dissolved and Kunkle and West Unity became yoked churches. This yoke continued until 1978 when the yoke was dissolved and each church moved forward on its own.

Through the history of the church, the congregation has opened its doors to the community. In 1961 the church offered its basement to the Civilian Defense as a fallout shelter. The church has been host to several organizations like a pre-school, Cub Scouts, Boy Scouts, TOPS, and Alcoholic Anonymous. Also, if the school ever had an emergency, the church offered the use of its building to help in the school’s time of need.

The church continues to move forward with the recent building addition which includes a fellowship hall, kitchen, pastor’s office, and Sunday school room.